Scientist – Scientist Wins The World Cup (1982)


Aww yeah, my first random album and we’re off to an awesome start. I’ve been wanting to get into Scientist for a minute now. I heard about him when I was first getting into dub and I always thought his album covers and titles looked really fun. They have that old-school serialized comic book feel and each album is like its own separate adventure: Scientist Meets The Space Invaders, Scientist Rids The World of the Evil Curse of Vampires, Scientist Meets Pacman, and of course… Scientist Wins The World Cup. They were all designed by this guy named Tony McDermott and he’s got a website up here. I might have to cop some of his art for the house.

But anyways, I did go through a brief dub phase where it was all I was listening to. I also happened to be smoking a lot of weed at the time but I’m sure that’s completely unrelated. Seriously though, if I had to draw out a family tree of my favorite music genres, it would probably all start from dub. These guys were putting out “remixes” in the late 60s before anyone even knew what a remix was. They treated the mixing board like an instrument. They would take a song, drop stuff in and out, and add all kinds of crazy effects that fucked with your perception of space and time.

Scientist was one of the OG’s of dub. Wikipedia says that he was a protégé of King Tubby, who I’m familiar with. I’d like to think if King Tubby was like the Plato of dub then Scientist would be Aristotle? Anyways, let’s get into the album, starting with the cover! You’ve got the soccer team under Scientist rocking the Rastafarian colors scoring a goal on England and straight killing it 6 to 1.










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