Death Grips – More Than The Fairy


In the past few days, Bottomless Pit, the latest album from Death Grips, has quickly become one of my favorite albums of 2016. A cacophonous overload of raw punk fury, hip-hop, and abrasive noise pushed into the red, the album is an assault on the senses, unafraid to get right up to your face and diss you. When I listen to Death Grips, I regress to this animalistic primal state where I just want to lose my goddamned mind amidst a sea of writhing bodies and flailing limbs. I want to punch a wall until the rush of adrenaline dulls the pain.  MC Ride aka Stefan Burnett sounds like a cross between a doomsday prophet and a drill sergeant – his lyrics read like profane bathroom stall poetry and cut-up Burroughs junkie fever dreams. It’s death drive machismo turned up to eleven. I don’t know why it took me so long to really connect with Death Grips given my propensity towards angry, violent music but something finally clicked. Maybe it’s because we live in a reality where Donald Trump may actually become president and right now the only thing that makes sense is Death Grips.

“More Than The Fairy” featuring Les Claypool (Primus) is a single that was released hot on the heels of Bottomless Pit. The song is this ugly jarring schizophrenic mess and I mean that in the best way possible. The song wildly careens from frenzied drum and bass sprints to crushing riffs, from spastic glitchy textures to bass drones. The song’s structure plays with the perception of time, using drawn-out reverb to suspend the listener before plunging them back into the hyperkinetic bass and drums. Stefan’s voice is pitch shifted and warped for effect and it sounds like there’s three different personalities on the song.  It reminds me of the relentless thrash of Lightning Bolt mixed in with the heavy dread of Kevin Martin’s work. Anyways, it’s another fantastic entry into the Death Grips oeuvre and I’m looking forward to exploring their older albums.


4 out of 5





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