OK Go – Upside Down & Inside Out


OK Go looks like a band that you could bring home to your mother and she would shimmy along to their songs while driving around in her Kia. (Note to self: coin the term mom-rock) And listen, I don’t necessarily mean that as an insult – I would totally kick it with these guys and I feel like we would have some awesome backyard barbecues. But to be perfectly honest, I’ve had very little interest in exploring OK Go’s music beyond the singles that have crossed my radar. The singles that I have heard (“Here It Goes Again“, “Get Over It“) were nondescript power-pop tunes, neither good nor bad enough to elicit a strong reaction. Like I could see those songs playing in some fun montage from a rom-com and I wouldn’t think twice about it. (Except to ask why I was watching a rom-com in the first place)

Upside Down & Inside Out“, from 2014’s album Hungry Ghosts, documents the turbulent dissolution of a relationship.  Compared to their previous work, this song incorporates a more bombastic synth-driven sound and pronounced electronic influence especially in the vocal effects. There are definitely parts of this song that I enjoy: the glitchy processed vocals and when the guitars drop away on the bridge leaving the swirling synths in its place. As far as loud brash pop songs go, you could do worse and you have to commend the band for trying new things.

Definitely check out the video though which uses parabolic flight to achieve brief moments of weightlessness. These moments were then edited together to create a seamless choreographed video in which bodies and objects float and tumble through space.

3 out of 5





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